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Palestinian Business Network
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Job Rand Group: What kind of business...???
Pierre Alwani: any kind. since if you have a business small or large cooperation you still will benefit from the network.
Job Rand Group: O.K. I have been in several types of business. I am a senior contractor, in huge, high-rise buildings, bridges, roads, and any type of construction business. For an explanation, I and my business partner started one 40-floor concrete buildings PER MONTH... I know that Palestinians, and especially about Gaza, needs much better contractors, to do the work, better and safety...
Pierre Alwani: That is great.. and your knowledge and experience can be of great value for others.
Job Rand Group: Because of my teacher, I had to learn another language, in my school, so I decided to learn Swedish... I am a Finn (Finland)...
Pierre Alwani: so you live in Finland not in Canada?
Job Rand Group: I am a Finn, but I was born in Canada. I lived in Finland two times, and 18 years in Los Angeles (California, United States). But I dd NOT like Americans, at all. So, therefore, I moved back into Canada, and I still live in Calgary (Alberta, Canada).
Job Rand Group: By the end of this year, 2021, I want to move into some other country (but NOT Finland, Canada, or United States)... Which country, to move into it, I do not know yet...